Friday, May 3, 2013

Things That Make Me Uncomfortable

Spiders in the same room as me make me very uncomfortable, as does the idea of getting a shot, noticing someone with their zipper down that I don't know well enough to say something to them, and merging onto crowded freeways.  I find these to be very uncomfortable moments.

I guess I am not that abnormal.

But there are some things in life that don't make me all that uncomfortable as they do with others.  Tripping and falling in front of others... it happens to run in my genes. I am used to it.  Walking in on someone sittin' on the pot.  Slightly uncomfortable, but I quickly get over it.  Poop talk.  Not uncomfortable at all, and I don't even have kids.  Getting up in front of a large crowd to speak -- generally not a problem. Getting up in front of a large crowd to sing solo -- very VERY uncomfortable.  However, I can control those opportunities by following the advice of D.A.R.E. advocates around the world -- Just Say NO!

I have no problem doing that.

I guess you can say it doesn't make me all that uncomfortable.

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