Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Wednesday Files

Some thoughts this Wednesday:

1) The Voice has proven to be the only talent show I can actually sit and watch the whole way through.  All the others I skim and just click the parts/people/acts that interest me.

2) I made some rockin' soup for dinner.  Can't wait to share it with you.

3) Seasonal allergies are evil.

4) Trader Joe's has brilliant tortilla options: totally handmade flour tortillas or whole wheat (with the same ingredients I use to make tortillas), brown rice tortillas for you gluten intolerant friends, and a wide assortment of many more.

5) This is the best season of Survivor EVER.  Or at least since I have been watching (like three years).

6) I am increasingly grateful for the ways technology keeps us connected, here to Afghanistan (in the past), here to Rwanda (present), here to Brazil and Micronesia (always)...

7) The ice machine on the fridge scares me whenever it randomly drops ice and I am home alone.  I'm a pansy, I know.

8) The Gravitron still rocks, even if you are the only adults riding in it.

9) April is almost over... meaning 1/3 of the year is almost over.  WHAT?!

10) I love hugs. Romantic hugs, hugs from kids, hugs from friends. I am grateful to live a life that is abundant in hugs.

I would love to hear what's on your mind this Wednesday... please share! :)


  1. I can't believe April is almost over either! CRAZY!!

  2. i love the voice! i feel the same way... i only half pay attention to the other shows!

    and i'm with you on the allergies... hope you feel better soon!


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