Sunday, November 11, 2012

These three men...

... represent the brave, the few, and the finest.  From my family to all of those out there who have served, THANK YOU.  Whether old or young, male or female, WWII all the way to Afghanistan, we salute you.

(Grandpa on the left, dad on the top, brother on the bottom right.  I am proud of all veterans, but especially so of these three.)


  1. Aww.. THANK YOU SO MUCH ♥ I hope they know that America appreciates them.

  2. 3 cool! Love this post, they sound like wonderful men! :)

    1. It runs in our blood, I guess! And yes, all very wonderful, very different-from-each-other men, but this connects them all.

  3. You're such a sweet girl! Thanks for sharing about the veterans in your family! We appreciate all of them :)

  4. Great tribute! Wonderful family of brave servicemen!! Thank you, thank you!


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