Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Trash the Dress - Pam & Austin

It has been over a week since I have posted.  It has probably been that long since I have done something fun in the kitchen.  Sure, we are eating (of course) but I think I am recovering from the October Unprocessed.  I loved it, don't get me wrong, but I also love pasta with pasta sauce, stuffing, and other really easy and yummy foods.  So yes, I have been taking it easy in the kitchen, but I have not let my creativity just float away on the wind.  I have just directed it in other ways this week.  See for yourself.

Trash the Dress, San Francisco Style

What a fun day!  These two love birds have been married for one year and wanted to take pictures in their wedding clothes one more time before they got packed away for good.  She, being Brazilian, is not camera shy at all, which made my job so easy!  And he was such a good sport, doing whatever we told him to do :) 

Now I want my husband and I to have fun pictures like these.  I love being the behind the lens of the camera, but I am thinking I need to find a way to be on the other side for once...


  1. Fun pictures Tiffany!

  2. What FANTASTIC pictures! You really captured a playfulness about them....seriously -amazing!

  3. Wow the detail in the photos and clarity is just amazing what a beautiful woman!

  4. Lovely photos,Tiffany!I liked the one where holds her billowing pearl-white dress in her hands and runs into the frothy waters - marvelous!

  5. You guys make my day! Thanks for appreciating my work -- which is so easy to do when you have such a beautiful pair to work with ;)


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