Sunday, December 18, 2011

I've Got the Whole World (On My Plate)

My husband and I are not big eaters-out.  Although we do love to go to restaurants, he doesn't like to spend the money and I enjoy the process of cooking.  You add those two things together and you get a couple that spends way less eating out than most of our friends.  We are those boring people who, when friends call to see if we want to get a bite to eat, we often opt out.  Don't get me wrong, we DO go out to eat, but we just pick and choose carefully when we can.  (In all other regards, we are not boring, I promise.  You know that team building thing they make you do in high school and such, where you have to go around the circle and say something nice about everyone?  All the other kids got, "Jenny is so sweet and gives the best hugs," or, "Steve is such a solid friend.  He really knows how to listen."  They got these really nice, sweet words of affirmation.  Me?  Always the same -- "Tiffany?  You're never bored when you're around Tiffany."  So there, the verdict is out.. I am not that boring.  Unless you want to spend a lot of money on food.)

But this week?  WOW.  This week we ate out.  And then we ate out again and again and again. 

It wasn't because of laziness on my part or the sudden urge to throw away money from my husband (that will never happen, I promise).  Things just lined up that way.  Christmas parties with birthdays and anniversaries and Christmas programs and family visiting and so on.  Basically, we went on a tour of the restaurants in our area, starting with

(Picture from
See this fancy pants restaurant?  This is where my husband's work Christmas party was held.  It was one of those almost-black tie affairs, with men in nice suits and women in snazzy outfits, tons of waiters walking around with glasses of champagne and h'orderves, and a little Italian man who took our order -- and ordered for us when we were too slow. 

I wish I had a picture of us fully done.  We looked great.  This is after his jacket came off and my hair was not perfect anymore, but whatever, we still look great, right? :)

The next on our list? 


(both pictures from

We have been looking forward to Pampas for quite some time, and a co worker's birthday gave us the reason to go.  Pampas is a Brazilian barbecue place -- or a churrascaria.   If you like meat a churrascaria is the way to go.  All you can eat meat, straight off a skewer to your plate.  It was one of these restaurants that turned me from a white-meat-only kind of girl to a lover of red meats as well.  It was good, for sure, but we have been to better -- and cheaper.  I filled up on pao de queijo because it was delicious, but for the meat?  It was OK.  I don't think we will ever go again, but I am glad we went once.

Tokyo Tokyo

Thursday night found me eating a Bento plate from a little hole-in-the-wall-almost-fast-food joint near my work because I had to stay late for the annual Christmas program.  Nothing to show here.  You've seen one bento plate, you've seen them all.  (BTW, I love Japanese food, it is one of my favorites.)

El Torrito
Friday found me eating Mexican food with my colleagues.  You know you are blessed with a good job when you are actually friends with the people you work with -- ALL the people you work with.  We are a fun bunch, can't you tell? 

(picture OBVIOUSLY from  I could not find any pictures of the actual place.)

Saturday afternoon we had friends and family around and we needed a place for all of us to eat.  This is by far one of the best restaurants I have been to.  Mediterranean.  AMAZING mediterranean.  This was my second time there, and both times were amazing.  Good prices, too.  I know officially pronounce this as my favorite non-chain restaurant.  That is a high honor, to be sure ;)

And finally...

Chez Papa Resto
(picture from

Chez Papa is hands down one of the classiest dining establishments we have ever visited.  It is one of those places that has the date on the menu because the chef decides daily what he will be serving.  You have five options or so, and that's it.  But that is OK, because everything tastes delicious.  This was where we celebrated our third anniversary.  Three years, Baby!  I guess we are no longer newlyweds, but my husband says that is only if you decide not to be.  See why I married a Brazilian? :)

The "newlyweds" exploring Union Square in San Francisco.  I love this man!!!

We have been walking around feeling quite stuffed, as you can imagine. And now off to planning my weekly menu: I am thinking salad, salad, and salad...


  1. How fun! And you called it a "local food tour," but I'd also call it a "world foods tour"! Food from a different region every night. Yum yum.

  2. Super good point, Danielle! I didn't even think about that, but it is completely true -- and completely delicious. When Paulo first moved here he asked, "Do Americans ever eat AMERICAN food?" hahaha!

  3. I actually just changed the title because I read through, I realized you were completely right. How did I not notice that before?


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